Career Planning for Students with a Disability

Planning for your future is an important part of every persons life. Career planning usually starts around years 9 or 10. While you are not expected to know at this age what you really want to do in the future, most young people have some idea whether they would like to continue in education or move into early employment.

The Careertips website has been developed as an information guide, resource kit and referral source for people with disabilities who are in their final years of school, who are about to commence or are undertaking vocational education and training (VET) studies, or university studies, or have recently graduated from one of these pathways. is designed to help people with disabilities get their careers on track from the outset by helping them to clarify what they would like to do in the future, what courses would best help them secure later employment in their chosen career, how to get into and successfully complete those courses, and how to get the job they want after they graduate.

Many other people and services can help students with disabilities in achieving their study and career goals. For this reason, also has separate areas that have been specifically designed for career advisers, lecturers, disability officers, mentors, disability employment agencies and prospective employers.

Planning for after year 12.

It is sometimes quite difficult for young people to navigate their way through all the information available about options available to them when they finish year 12. The Year 12 What Next website was developed to provide all of the information in one easy to use website. To view the Year 12 What Next site click here.


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